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Upcoming Training Dates:

Central Texas

Ministry in Times of Illness & Loss – Part 1
Feb 23-24, 2018
Marble Falls Church of Christ

Part 1

March 3

May 18-19

May 18-19

May 19th
Tarrant County

Oct. 26-17

Part 2

Feb 17th

June 9

Sep 22nd


“Ministry in Times of Illness and Loss” is a two-part training course for spiritual caregivers. Intended primarily to train Lifeline Chaplaincy’s pastoral care volunteers, the course is open to all persons who have an interest in developing spiritual care skills. Men and women involved in ministry, church leadership, and helping professions such as medicine, nursing, counseling, and social work have found this training to be highly valuable in both their professional practice and their personal lives.

Part 1

(formerly called “Creating a Healing Community”), is a 15-hour intensive workshop designed to equip beginning pastoral caregivers with basic skills and concepts that will enable them to provide competent spiritual support to patients and families dealing with serious illness and loss. Registration fee: $50.00, payable at the door.

Topics include:

Loss and Crisis

From Casual Visit to Spiritual Encounter

Emotions 101

Perceptions and the Interpersonal Gap

Basic Listening Strategies and Communication Skills

Story Listening

“Why Me?”

Grief and Grieving

Self-care for the Pastoral Caregiver

Effective Hospital Ministry

Part 2

(formerly called “Advanced Listening Skills) is a 7-hour seminar designed to equip experienced pastoral caregivers with advanced skills and concepts, which will enable them to provide an enhanced level of spiritual support to those in their care. Lifeline volunteers are required to complete Part 2 within one year of completing Part 1, and participants who are not Lifeline volunteers are encouraged to do the same. There is no registration fee for Part 2.

Topics include:

Life Commandments

Listening For and Responding to Spiritual Injury and Distress

Story Listening in Pastoral Conversation

Personal Theology of Suffering and Loss


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