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Mary Banister
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What A Legacy Gift Means For Us

Let me ask you a question. Do you know the names of all of your grandparents? How about all of your great-grandparents? Do you know what was important to them? What they valued? How their teachings reached down through the generations and touched your life?

Most of us do not know much about our ancestors. We may know a few names, dates, and places, but we probably do not know many of the intimate details of who these people are.

This is where a Legacy Gift to Lifeline Chaplaincy becomes important. By putting Lifeline in your will or trust you show the future generations that you value the things Jesus valued, that you have a loving and compassionate heart, and that you believe the spiritual ministries are important.

A Legacy Gift to Lifeline Chaplaincy helps it to become financially sustainable for years to come. We take your gifts seriously, and we will do our best to make your legacy live on through the good work of Lifeline Chaplaincy.

If you would like to know more about leaving a legacy gift or would like to talk to someone about your estate planning needs, please give our Vice President of Development, Timothy Johnson, a call at (888) 767-6363. We have free resources that can help you plan for your legacy to live on.

What a Legacy Gift Means to You

Stewardship & Estate Planning

Estate planning may be the most important act of stewardship any of us will ever undertake. It is, at its core, the process of determining to whom we should transfer the stewardship of all that has been entrusted to us when we are called to step into eternity.

Lifeline Chaplaincy has partnered with PhilanthroCorp, a trusted estate planning firm, to help you put together an estate plan that accomplishes your goals. Since 1997, PhilanthroCorp has served hundreds of the most respected faith-based organizations and thousands of their supporters. There is no cost to you for their assistance.  In addition to the self-help tools provided on these pages, they can help you in several ways: