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It Could Be Me
By David Martin, Director of Spritual Care - Tarrant County

The windshield wipers smeared water into my field of vision. I should have gotten new blades last week! The rhythmic sound was driving me crazy. Tap, screech, tap, screech. My mind spun in dizzy circles, trying to absorb what the doctor had said. Cancer? I could scarcely believe it. Yet there it was, pressing down on my chest, literally and figuratively…a mass in my right lung. I had never smoked nor worked in a dangerous environment. This does not make sense!

Now chemicals drip through an IV. The TV on the wall drones on about politics and I turn it off. How could I have ever believed I would read a book in here? My head hurts. I feel nauseous, but worse, since my gagging never goes further than throat. Lovely.

Two days of this so far, but this first round is almost over. No tests yet on the size of the tumor, but my breathing is easier so I mentally assure myself things are better. I wonder how much longer I have to live. This question has never seemed so real…so urgent. Anger at God wells up within. Where is He anyway?

A knock at the door interrupts my fuming. The being with voice behind the knock is quiet and asks if she can come in. Something about Lifeline Chaplaincy, whatever that is. Not one to be rude, I tell her to come in. Maybe this will break up the boredom.

She asks if she can sit down and I say yes. Blue eyes dot her plump face crowned by gray hair. She seems pleasant enough, inquiring as to my treatment. This launches me into a tirade about the difficulty the nurse had inserting the IV needle. The blue eyes don’t blink and she nods her head in empathy. “That must have been exasperating,” she exclaims when I finally pause to catch my breath. Good! She’s listening. So, I plunge ahead, letting it all rush out…my frustration, my anger and my fear.

Poor woman. I have poured out my soul and now apologize for my invective. She just nods and smiles, quietly offering hope by letting me be me. I like this soft spoken woman of God who has entered my antiseptic smelling room. I’m not sure I have her kind of courage, but I am glad she came. She listened well. She prayed the most beautiful of prayers.

For the first time in days, I began to see that I am not alone. Hope begins to build and I continue her prayer for healing, for life, and for the promise of eternity. I think its going to be alright.

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