Lifeline Chaplaincy began as an outreach of the Southwest Central Church of Christ in Houston in 1983. The day-to-day operation of the ministry is overseen by a volunteer advisory board comprised of people who have a special interest in the work and who are members of a congregation which provides monthly financial support. Board members serve for 3 year terms, and are a valuable part of the ongoing growth of Lifeline Chaplaincy.

Board of Directors:

Jeff Bailey
Cheryl Billante
Douglas Calvin
Jerry Courington
Max Dillard
Jim Hughes
Brad and Debra McCoy
Gordon Lowry
Jack Roland
Gary Taliaferro
Tamara Thompson

Development Board – Central Texas:

Bill and MeRi Allen
Jeff & Debra Bailey
Bob and Phyllis Barker
Cheryl Billante
John and Trina DeCecco
Mike Gravois
Sarah Lynch
Tim and Gem Melching
Bill and Sue Powell
Walter and Barbara Shaw
Mandy Wood

Development Board – Dallas:

George and Bonnie Baker
Joee Gainer
Shelton and Jeanette Gibbs
Mark D. Hamilton
Dr. David Hughes
Adam and Lacy McGough
Jason O’Quinn
Rex Paschall
David and Dell Anne Patterson
Pat Scott

Development Board – Houston:

Chip and Susan Carlisle
Matt and Jeri Davis
Curtis and Meredith Duncan
Weldon and Wendy Gage
Gail Hancock
Gene and Diana Humphrey
Greg and Andra Hurst
Terry and Carole Koonce
Rod and Judy Lide
Kay Onstead
John and Gina Rebman
James and Eula Roberson
Dale Ross
David and Tamara Thompson

Development Board – Tarrant County:

David Holley
Johnny and Vera Jinks
John Knox
Steve and Susan Kennedy
Jerry Plemons
Kelby and Sharon Pope
Gary Smith
Mike St. Clair
Robert Waller
Rodney Waller